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Below are Testimonials from our cherished guests.
We hope you'll come visit soon and add your comments to this page.

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Hamilton having a great stay!

Photo of Hummingbird off deck taken by Tim Welch - Thanks Tim!

Photos below taken by Getaway Guest
Emily Kinsolving - Thank you Emily!

Submitted by Bill - Thank you!



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Dec 29 Jan 4th 2016Garden Cottage
As always we hate to leave.  A wonderful relaxing stay!  Your black eye peas were delicious and we look forward to them every New Years!  Our third New Years here and our 7th time here as we try to visit every 6 months & we still can't wait to return.
You guys are both wonderful people & we enjoy visiting your beautiful place time and again.
Amanda Kenneth
Caesar & Mia

Dec 22-25 2016 Garden Cottage
Our stay here was absolutely wonderful.  It was so delightful in many ways.  The first was the clawfoot tub, bath goodies, the hot tub, scrumptious bed, the views, the quite, the cats, the deer, our gracious hosts.
It was a much needed restful interlude in our busy lives.
Thank you and we hope to be back again!
Nancy & Glen

Dec 20 2016 Garden Cottage
Despite freezing temps, burst water pipes and a flat tire we had a great time!  We needed a relaxing getaway from the city and we got exactly that!
Thank you!
Stephanie and Robbie

Dec 16-18 2016 Secret Hideaway
hank you so much for the warm welcome upon arrival.  Pita and Stripes welcomed us quickly and hung out with us all weekend.  We loved our stay here and are already planning a longer stay next time.  We have never felt more relaxed or at home as we did here.  This peace is perfect.  We noticed every single detail and appreciate all that you offer here.  We celebrated 18 years of marriage and this was one of the best ever.  The 30* cold front and beautiful lights outside made the hot tub time so enjoyable.  Thank you for sharing this little peace of heaven with us.  We'll definitely a place we will miss and will have to come back to
Merry Christmas
Many Blessings
Staci & Jeff

Dec 5-7 2016 Garden Cottage
As we drove up Alamo Rd, our anticipation had grown to an all-time high.  But nothing prepared us for what we would discover.  Your online descriptions is a beautifully accurate as you can get without having been here.  We discovered a dollhouse nestled in natures beauty & comfort.  Loving stocked and detailed with all one could desire.  Everything we could ever imagine & beyond. 
Merry Christmas & our heartfelt thank you
Susan & Floyd

Dec 1st 2016 - Secret Hideaway
Thank you for letting us meet Pita and Stripes. We had a wonderful time with them.  Even Stripes felt comfortable staying inside with us for a a few hours>
Hope to see them again
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Jon & Kim

Nov 27 -2016  Garden Cottage
Fun and comfortable a Big thanks for another Thanksgiving Holiday at Comfort Getaway.  The freshly make carrot cake that welcomed us upon arrival was delicious and wonderful, as well as all the special touches you guys always provide.  We can't wait to return.
Ashlin & Josh

Nov 28th Secret Hideaway
This place is amazing!!! All the special touches, the atmosphere, sooo relaxing, the trees all lit up - so pretty.  We really enjoyed ourselves and will most definitely recommend to family and friends
Kitty's are too cute too!
Gilbert & Jenny

Nov 20-27th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you for another perfect vacation at "A comfort getaway"  I didn't think you could improve upon the Garden Cottage but you met it's match with the Secret Hideaway.  We had a blast and a fantastic fun Thanksgiving vacation.  Hot tubing, campfires, sunrises and sunsets in the amazing piece of heaven.  This will allow even the most stressed individual to relax.
Thank you for allowing us to enjoy it
Love and Blessings
Renee & Darin

Nov 19th 2016 Garden Cottage
My Husband surprised me with this beautiful Birthday weekend getaway.  First impression is WOW.  We loved every bit of our stay.  There wasn't anything to worry about as you have thought of it all.  We will see you soon!
Tryone & Janfrin

Nov 19th 2016- Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay in this Secret Hideaway.  We felt right at home with all of the comforting touches.  We had everything we could ever need and more.  Including our dog Bennie loved the little kitties, cows and deer.  We had a great time and will be back
Sean, Paula and Bernie

Oct 29-31 2016 Garden Cottage
Our first anniversary!  We had such a relaxing time here everything we needed was at the tips of our fingers!  Your cottages are lovely & magical especially at night.  We will definently be returning
Happy Halloween!
Jamie and Marie

Oct 30th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Another wonderful stay!  It always feels like home here.  Thank you for the fourth wonderful stay.  We love the porch - it is so quiet and peaceful  We will be back again in a few months>
We love coming here and feeling recharged again
Blessings to you both and thank you for the beautiful flowers for our anniversary.
Dale & Julie & Major

Oct 24-28 2016  Garden Cottage
I had such a wonderful time here, it was just what I needed to get away from my city life and relax.  Watching the deer in the morning while I drank my coffee and watching the stars come out at night were prefect bookends to each day.  I guess it's easy to see that the deck was my favorite place!  Molly also enjoyed the deck and watching and listening and sniffing all the country has to offer.  She was jealous she couldn't get in bed with me and who could blame here - it is the softest bed I've ever slept in!  We walked down and checked out the Secret Hideaway and WOW It is beautiful.  I can't wait to come back and stay there.  Thanks for allowing Molly to come with and for the treats.  She loved them!  Hope to be back soon!
Jodie and Molly

Oct 21-23 2016 Secret Hideaway
The original cottages was my escape from reality many times from being a single mom of 4 & Oncology nurse to nanny.  17 Brought reservations and peace and a little sanity!  I needed it most. Well my find tuned into we time when I met my prince charming.  O he swept me and the kids off our feet & has blessed our life in so many ways.  I had never shared my "Secret Hideaway" with anyone, so when I called to reserve a weekend for the Zofus, I knew it was nearly to be when you suggested this cabin.  We arrived on my birthday and to my delight & surprise! 
He proposed in front of your beautiful fireplace by twinkling lights in the background and I can say that is was both magical and perfect.  We plan to return many times in the near future and recreate what so many others have mentioned on the previous pages.  The place is perfection.  Bliss, heaven and a blessing!
Thank  you for everything!
Amy & Tommy

Oct 19th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Whaoo!  Everything was amazing!  To the sunrise and the sunset.  We loved our stay at your cabin full of good energy and so beautiful.  We will be back Thanks for everything
Merci & Gaspard
Lorlues, France

Oct 16th 2016 Garden Cottage
Thank you for making our stay so restful.  You really thought of everything.  Thank you for also for the special welcome for Don and Summer.  We especially appreciate the comfy bed and being able to make a healthy breakfast and coffee in the morning.  We would love to come back and spend more time next time
Enjoy your day
Don & Anna

Oct 15 2016 Garden Cottage
Thank you for making this cottage such a special place.  You thought of everything!  Every little touch of love is evident throughout the cottage.  The lighting, candles, music and atmosphere is so lovely outside is gorgeous.  The view during the day and the lighting at night is spectacular.  When we walked in couldn't have been more special.  The beautiful flower arranged, wine, chocolate covered strawberries and cupcake were so sweet.  The kitchen was stocked with everything we wanted.  Let's not forget the hot tub and French doors to the bedroom.  The bed was so soft and inviting and the bathroom ... unreal.  The bath products you provide are amazing.  Actually the baht tub was the main reason Cary found you wanted to make sure he found a place with a large tub because he knows how much I enjoy baths!  All this to say - I am so grateful to have found a place such as yours to spend time with the man of my dreams. 
Thank you!

Oct 16th 2016 - Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for this amazing stay.  It's just what we needed for our 1st wedding anniversary!  We had a wonderful time and the house was absolutely perfect.  We hope to come back in the future
Kaylee & Corey

Oct 14-15 2016 Garden Cottage
When we arrived at our quaint cottage nestled in its beautiful surroundings we knew we had arrival at the right place.  The labor of love was very evident both visible and outside of your beautiful cottage.  I brought Patti here as a special birthday gift and also because we are in the early stages of a a wonderful  loving relationship.  Linda, you special touch to the romantic package and birthday wish were fabulous.  Although me and Patti are falling deeply in love, your cottage has added a special reconnect and a memory that we will always remember.  Love is so special and the emotions inspired here have made an impact to us that we will always cherrish!  For whatever reasons people travel here has felt that the tranquility reconnects them to the peace they desperatley seek.  Once again the utmost gratitude for everything.  Many God continue to bless you always
Cary & Patti

Oct 9-12 2016 Garden Cottage
This place is amazing! The lights at night are fantastic!  We can't say enough about how much we enjoyed our stay.  We can't wait to come back.  Mom really loved the cows and the cats.  The wildlife was wonderful too.  Thank you for everything.
Jennifer & Kate & Hamilton

Oct 7-9th 2016 Garden Cottage
The perfect getaway!  We are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary (15 years together)  We have 3 kids and my husband works long hours.  It was the perfect place to reconnect & relax.  I loved all the plants & it is absolutley gorgeous at here at night.  The kitties made good companions.  We look forward to our next stay here!
Thank you so much
Bryan & Aubrey

Oct 5-7 2016 Garden Cottage
Peaceful, Relaxing.  Loved the tree lights.  Really enjoyed our stay!
Howard & Linda

Oct 6th 2016 - Secret Hideaway
If you can read this we wanted to let you know that this is now our favorite memory together, quiet, secluded, romantic and modern.  From the hot tub to the swinging bed and spectaular view, this place is one of a kind.  WE will be back!
Zack & Jennifer

Oct 3 2016 - Secret Hideaway
Thank you for such amazing hospitality.   My husband Juan and I enjoyed our 1st night here as husband and wife.  It was such a PERFECT night.  We plan to come back very soon and stay longer.  Every detail about your property really inspired us to have a home like this overlooking a hill, with a beautiful porch and out in peace and quiet. God bless you'll and have a beautiful day!
see you soon!
Juan & Alelina

Oct 2nd 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for sharing your piece of heaven on earth with us.  This was exactly what we needed.  It was very hard to wake up today and say goodbye.
Until Next time
Shawnna & Harvey

Sept 24 2016 - Secret Hideaway
Thank you for your hospitality.  The enjoyed the peace and quiet and looking at the deer at sunrise.  I loved hearing the roosters crow (not something you hear in the city)  The stars at night were beautiful from the hot tub
I hope we are able to return here many times
God Bless
MaryHelen & Dave

Sept 20th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Today is my birthday...hopefully a little older but also a little wiser.  You can imagine my pleasant surprise when my husband told we were staying overnight in a cottage.  I would say more like a five star hotel!  Our stay has been delightful. 
God is the giver of all good and perfect gifts.  Thank you for allowing him to use you to bless us. If he blesses us with more birthdays, we hope to spend some more of them here.
Thank you
Dave & Dee

Sept 18-22 2016 Garden Cottage
We really enjoyed our days here.  Suzy and I did lot of exploring and seen lots of wildlife.  This place is magical.  Especially enjoyed the hot tub and sitting on the deck and reading my book with the kitties.  We will see you again!
Ray & Brenda & Suzy the Pup

Sept 9-11 2016 Garden Cottage
We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary here in the cottage last year and here we are back again for our 11th. 
The most relaxing weekend of our year! 
After both our daughters weddings, one in April and one last weekend, our stay here was everything we needed.
We are rejunivated and ready to head back to reality.  This storybook getaway is something we have looked forward to for months. 
and since we are just down the road it's nice not to have to travel so far to enjoy such comfort.  I really enjoyed the weather, what a great summer we've had.  The small storm that passed through early Saturday was just what we needed to cool the temperature down.  The cool breeze is so perfect for the Hot Tubbin. 
thank you again for sharing your slice of paradise with us.  We are already planning our next stay.  Oh-and I LOVE all the remodeled and the new couch.  So perfect!
Until Next time
Carey & Stephanie

Sept 12 2016 Secret Hideaway
From the minute we walked in Arthur and I were just blown away every time we turned a corner we were amazed at the detail you have put into this place.  our 2 day stay immediately changed to a 3 day stay.  just when we thought we had found everything we went to relax in the Jacuzzi and we saw the twinkling trees.  I love it!It is so comfortable and relaxing here.  We are already planning our next stay.
Thank you so much
Annie & Arthur

Sept2nd - 4th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to enjoy a nice quiet and peaceful time together.  It was so relaxing just sitting around and enjoying each others company.  We really enjoyed the lights in the trees and the breakfast you provide.  The Strawberry jam was amazing!  You have made a very comfortable  place to come and relax.  The view was gorgeous and we enjoyed sitting out on the deck and watching all the wildlife.  The Black Pig was very nice place to go and the food was amazing.  There are too many little details about this place to put everything down on paper but we loved it all.  The only word that comes to mind is AWESOME.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we will definitely be back soon.  now that we have found this place we will not be looking for anywhere else to stay>
God Bless You
Mark & Micki

August 28th 2016 Secret Hideaway
What a wonderful retreat you have created here!  You thought of everything we loved sitting on the patio with it's gorgeous view and twinkling trees.  We put the hot tub to use and enjoyed a little stargazing.  The groceries provide for breakfast were wonderful and so much better than fighting the crowds in town.  Thank you for sharing your piece of serenity with use
We look forward to our next visit!
Chris & Jana

August 22nd- 24th 2016 Secret Hideaway
We came to the Secret Hideaway looking for a home away from the city and that is what we got.  Magical nights underneath the skylights made even better by the light show that surprised us, deer passing thru along with the birth of a baby cow, awesome Jacuzzi and the awesome town just minutes from this place.  Thanks for making us feel welcome and for all the touches you have placed on the property.  We will see you soon!
Chancer and Janet

August 20-22 2016 Garden Cottage
This place is truly wonderful and amazing experience.  We and my significant other came to celebrate our one your anniversary and it was just the get away we needed.  Thank you so much for giving us this lovely experience we enjoyed every musical moment.  We are reading plan on coming back for our anniversary next year.
Tyler & Selina

August 17th 2016 Garden Cottage
Our 35th Anniversary here is one of our best.  We were able to really relax and enjoy each other.  Loved all the magical touches.  It was fun to walk around looking at everything and reading the signs.  We can tell you are our kind of folks
Thanks for everything!
Randy & Mary

August 15, 2016Garden Cottage
Thank you for such a lovely & relaxing place.  Everything & I we mean everything was so wonderful.  Couldn't think of anything one would need that you haven't provided.  Wonderful breakfast, loved sitting on the swing & sitting on the deck.  Lots of wildlife.  Love the hummingbirds & the kitties.  Saw a jackrabbit this morning.  And last night was so magical outside in the hot tub with all the lights.  Beautiful.  We cannot wait to come again & would love to stay in the new cottage.  It was beautiful.  We feel relaxed & refreshed thanks to you and God bless!
Neal & Sandy

August 14-18 2016 Secret Hideaway
Our 40th Wedding Anniversary stay was phenomenal!!  We loved the anniversary package!  The flowers were very close to our wedding colors!  Thank you!!
The design and decor are beautiful.  It is truly exquisite!  You thought through any and everything that anyone could ever think of needing.  We loved watching the beautiful animals that you are so blessed to see each and everyday!  Thank you for everything you made available to us to enjoy this special celebration.
Blessings to you both
Sherrie & Bob

August 12-14th 2016 Secret Hideaway
We had an amazing getaway.  Thank you for decorating for my hubbys birthday.  I appreciate your help in making it so special.  The veggies and cheese were delicious
We were able to go on a wine tour and be picked up here.  The cabin is the best!  We will be back!
See you soon!
Dawn Marie & Matt

August 7-10th 2016 Secret Hideaway
What a soothing calming three days we have had.  We started our mornings with fresh eggs and biscuits and peach jam.  So delicious, thanks to "da girls" and Jessie.  After a day in town, we spent our afternoons and evenings enjoying the view from the deck, grilling steaks, reading on the swinging bed and relaxing in the hot tub while enjoying your charming light show in the trees.  Pure Bliss!  We are just in love with your getaway  The soothing blues, grays and browns the great art, the extra touches, the bits of whimsy here and there, all add to the charm of this beautiful cabin.  We are so glad we get to meet you both this time.  You are both delightful as we knew you would be.  Thank you so much for your hospitality  we will be back many times. 
May God continue to bless you
Carol & Curtis

August 7-13th 2016Garden Cottage
We knew it was going to be beautiful but when we pulled up we were overwhelmed.  I would highly recommend to anyone.  We have never felt such peace.  Couldn't have picked a better place for our honeymoon.  The best part of our visit honestly was meeting you both and getting to visit with yall.  We will be back soon.  Hopefully on a permanent basis.  Looking forward to coming back for relaxing conversations with you Linda.  Maybe coffee on the porch.  Love you both so much

Keep in Touch
Dorothy & Thomas

August 7 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for such a wonderful time.  This place is breathtaking peaceful and enjoyable.  The cottage is decorated perfectly.  Rocky - dog says thank for his treats - such a nice touch.  We appreciate all yall's hard work and because it shows.  We look forward to coming back!
Carmen & Matthew & Rocky

August 5-7 2016 Garden Cottage
2 Pages ago someone wrote about pre-surgical relaxation.  I guess for us it's post- surgical - myself, my daughter and even the dog! 
Got stuck in traffic on Friday and didn't get in the until 8:15.  We drove up to the cottage w/ it's lit up grounds & trees.  Walked into the cottage to meditation music, fireplace lit & soft lighting and a bed to sink into!  We knew we were home for the weekend.
MY personal favorite is waking to the view of the hills & cows!  The moo-ing and the rooster crowing, soft breezes and the coolness of the porch are perfect.
My girls enjoyed the hot tub after a day on main street.  Yesterday and I enjoyed my nap.  My dog enjoyed her towel, snacks and nap too.
Thank you for the eggs, fridge food, and caring you put into this weekend for us.
Angela, Lindsay & Monica

August 4th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for everything.  We enjoyed it so much that we will come back.  The privacy and wildlife were perfect and the lights in the trees at night were a pleasant surprise.  Everything was great thank you!
Monica and Larry

July 31 2016 Secret Hideaway
Another wonderful stay at Comfort Getaway!  Jeff and I came for a retreat to discuss work, life, kids, plans and future opportunities.  The setting was perfect to clear the mind and focus.  Peaceful and serene - Perfect!
Girls were jealous they couldn't come so we will be back soon!

July 26-29th 2016 Secret Hideaway
There is only one way to describe this place " A Little piece of heaven!!"  Joni and I loved every second we spent here and our already planning next years trip.  Thank you both for every personal touch you provided and for sharing this gorgeous place with us.  We so needed this quiet place to just be together without the world interrupting and the memories we made will forever be in our hearts!
Until next time God Bless
Joni & Ronnie

July 21-26 2016 Garden Cottage
Well guys you did it again.  Thank you for sharing your cottage with us.  After 5 days of business seminars it was much needed!  We absolutely love what you have done to the place.  As always the covered porch allowed for us to admire God's handywork.
Mike And Kristi

July 24th 2016 Secret Hideaway
This cottage is wonderful!  We enjoyed our weekend here so much.  You've thought of everything from the stocked kitchen to the lights on the trees.  The food from the Black Pig was amazing.  We are already planning our next visit.
Rob & Samantha

July 21st  2016- Secret Hideaway
Congratulations on this beautiful Hideaway!  It totally exceeded our expectations,. the pictures on your website don't do it justice.  It was a wonderful three days of glorious peace, stress free city life. This our second year coming here and it certainly won't be the last.  It's the perfect place to come and relax and recharge before going back to work after my summer break.
Estela & Hubby

July 18th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for our stay at the Secret Hideaway.  Everything was perfect and the view was beautiful.  You have no idea what this weekend meant to us. Thank you again!
Andi & Tony

July 18-19 2016 Garden Cottage
We enjoyed our stay here in the Secret Cottage.  Just what the dr. ordered for pre-surgical relaxation.  Awesome lights!  Thought it was fireflies at first. 
We saw 2 kitty ambassadors, chickens, deer, cows, bats, hummingbirds galore.  We will most definitely stay next fall or spring for an entire week.
Thank you for the delicious fresh eggs & breakfast food.  U.S. Army eats a lot!  Bet you can see that by the empty Fridge.
James and Catherine

July 16, 17th 2016 Garden Cottage
Thank you again for a wonderful time at the cabin.  As usual we had a delightful time playing horseshoes and just sitting around relaxing.  But it's your hospitality and kindness to others that makes the stay here as comfortable and as peaceful as it could possible be.  We hope to make it back up here soon to stay at the new place
Anthony & Rhonda

July 15, 2016 Garden Cottage
First of all thanks a million for the bottle of wine!!  These last three days have been wonderful.  I have been able to meditate out here in the quite.  My husband and I to reconnect.  We will defintely come back !! I have a friends that are signing up soon.
Marco and Imelda

July 6th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you for making my Birthday getaway amazing!  Everything was perfect down to the sugar free icing and ice cream.  The added touch of sugar free candies was so special.  We can't wait to plan our trip out here again
Rachel and Wes

June 30 July 6th 2016  Garden Cottage
Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality. You have a very special gift that truly sets you apart.  This was our 2nd anniversary and staying her gave us such a peaceful time.  We hope to come back many times in the future.  Both were very touched of your love for our soldiers and appreciate your kindness as well as remind us also of how we are appreciated of so many you have made this blessed nation our own perfect reminder for the 4th July
Lord Bless you and yours
Ryan & Cindie

June 30 2016 Secret Hideaway
As always a wonderful relaxing stay.  You guys are both so special and your cabins are so special.  Wonderful details and special touches everywhere.  We really appreciate you both.  You are both so kind.  We enjoyed our stay and love the new Hideaway
We can't wait for our next visit
Take Care and thank you for everything
Amanda & Kenneth

June 28 2016 Garden Cottage
Thank you so much for allowing us to spend the first half of our honeymoon in your home and it was such a relaxing time for us newlyweds.  Enjoyed our time away from the busyness of city life and just what we needed after hectic wedding planning.  Such a great time
Mr & Mrs Jones!

June 26th 2016 Garden Cottage
*25th Wedding Anniversary**
After our first visit in February of this year, our kids pitched in their hard earned money to give us a weekend stay here at the Comfort Getaway to mark 25th years together.
It was the most wonderful gift we could have hopes for.
Linda brought us flowers to commentate the occasion and our little dog Xena enjoyed the special puppy treats left for her.  We visited the Black Pig down the street for lunch and it was once again very tasty.
Blessings Always
Kevin & Lorna Shannon

June 24th 2016Secret Hideaway
I can't tell you how much we appreciated the Hideaway Cabin.  We especially enjoy our evenings with Edie and the most amazing massages.  The romantic package was great too!  Hope to be back soon!
Jessica & Garren

June 21st 2016 Secret Hideaway
We were planning our honeymoon and when we found your cabin we knew that this is where we wanted to go.  The cabin is perfect, especially with all the added details.  Around every corner there is another small detail that adds to the experience.  We were supposed to stay in the smaller cabin but since it was not ready due to the remodel Linda & Jessie were kind enough to let us stay in this larger cabin.  This property and cabin made for a perfect honeymoon.  The view is great and the animals on the property make a nice addition.  Thank you'll for allowing us the opportunity to stay in this cabin.  It has been a Blessing
Jake & Megon

June 19th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Come here for our 42nd anniversary to relax, reconnect, reflex.  This is our 10th trip to the Hill Country B&B vacations. By far this is the best one yet.  Been from Fredericksburg, Blanco and here.  Great place we will be back too!
Wendell & Pam

June 14th 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you, this home is peaceful and helped alot to just learn to sit and relax.  We are always on the go and this helped us to reconnect.  We will be be coming back
God Bless
Jennifer & Delmonte

June 12 2016 Garden Cottage
The weekend here was spectacular.  This was our first weekend away together and it was/will be a great memory.  We are going to consider this our Secret Getaway and will be returning many times.
Rose & Danny

June 10 2016 Garden Cottage
We enjoyed our time here.  We were able to experience two different environments Fun!  Loved the wildlife and the relaxation.
Ron & Kathye

June 5-7 2016 Secret Hideaway
We researched online for a getaway that was private and secluded.   Knew we found it when we saw what Linda & Jessie have made.  It will be just as you expect.  No disappointments.  We watched a fox while we sat in the hot tub the first evening.  Get ready to relax and truly unwind>  Secret Hideaway is the PERFECT mini vacation  We will be back soon!
Thank you Linda & Jessie for your hospitality.
Gary & Jeanie

June 3-4th 2016  Secret Hideaway
Although it's all been said before by previous guests we would love to express what a lovely stay we've had! Like all before us, we were delighted to find all the little hidden details along the way and enjoyed simply relaxing in the beautiful atmosphere that you've created.  You really thought of everything - from the tree lighting to the marsh mellows.   There is no description that could do our experience justice!  We can't wait to enjoy another stay here in the future
Many thanks
Bill & Kat

May 27-30th 2016 Garden Cottage
We had a wonderful time in your home.  Thanks for everything we are very happy here
Chris and Flavio

May 30 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for making this cabin available for others to enjoy.  There are no words to express our gratitude.  Our smiles are big and so are our emotions.  We certainly felt at home and are already planning our next stay!  Jake loved it here and he even enjoyed playing with the cows.  This was his first real freedom and the first for Alicia and I as well.
See you later
Mike & Alicia

May 21-27th 2016 Garden Cottage
We had an amazing time in your cabin and look very forward to the opportunity to stay here again for another memorable vacation. Thanks for everything
Dobson & Kim

May 27 2016 Secret Hideaway
We had such a amazing experience here.  This place is magical.  We watched the storm from the swing bed and the peace out here is so heavenly.  Thank you for making us so comfortable, our pup was very happy as well.  Can't wait to come back!
Karessa Gibson

May 26th 2016  Secret Hideaway
I sat down to express just how much we enjoyed staying in your "place in heaven" but after reading everyone else's appreciation for your accomodations, I found it hard to add to their comments.  But I will say we WILL be back, don't change a thing!  We planned trips to all the local attractions.  didn't make it to any of them!  Just enjoyed this beautiful setting and what ya'll have done.
Robert & Carol
Niceville Florida

May 22-24 2016 Secret Hideaway
This is our 2nd time after spending 2 nights last year in the smaller cabin.  It is again so wonderful to have the paradise, the views hot tub, everything is just perfect.  We'll be coming back.
The Felhmesen Family
Stuffrut Germany

May 13th -15 2016 Garden Cottage
We had a wonderful stay at your cabin.  t was truly a great way to spend our first anniversary together!  Everything was perfect, from the hot tub, lights to the comfortable bed.  Thank you so much for everything
Chris & Cheryl

May 6-7  2016 Garden Cottage
Thank you for a wonderful home away from home.  Every time I go back into a room I notice new details.  We feel so welcome, this has been a great break from our hectic life.  My favorite touch is the projector laser lights in the front.   We laid in the bed of our truck enjoying the stars and the lights
Much Love
Janeen & Cole

May 1st 2016 Secret Hideaway
The Secret Hideaway is adorable!  It's perfect for just us two and next time we might bring the kids.  Every where you look theres something charming and thoughtful.  You'll had everything we needed and then some.  Next time we won't pack so much.  The property is gorgeous and the cabin is secluded giving us a much needed getaway.  Thank you for everything and we will be back for certain
Lauren & Zach

April 25th 2016 Secret Hideaway
What a beautiful place.  This is our 3rd tie to stay with you'll.  First time in the new cabin - Love the look and your style.  We are restful and at peace here.  This is always like coming home again.  Thank you for the full refrig - and Jessie thanks for coming to save the day with the A/C.  We will see you again - Our new favorite place
Dale, Julie & pup Major

April 22-24 Secret Hideaway
This was a magical time for my husband and I.  Thank you for creating this beautiful place for people like ourselves to enjoy.  Every detail of this place so very well thought of.  My husband and I have been working very hard  and very long hours these past couple months.  This was exactly what we needed in  time to step away from all the noise and all of the distractions and focus on each other.  We've created some beautiful memories.  We've laughed, very hard and we've probably more wine than we should have :)But none the less we took advantage of the "carep diem" sign  We made it a priority to seize every moment given to us during our stay!
Thank you.  We WILL be back!
Jesse & Dianan

April 22-25 Garden Cottage
You have created a magical place.  All you little extras are very special.  All the best
Lamar and Rhonda

April 14-17 Garden Cottage
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful place.  It was a perfect way to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday.  He loves the hill country and we saw every bit of it.  Hye, Fredericksburg, Llano, Comfort and driving Willow City Loop.  We hope to come back someday, maybe the Fall.  Many blessings to you both.
Becky & Don
PS and Luckenbach knew I forgot one LOL

April 9, 2016 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in this beautiful "Hideaway". We spent hours on the deck "seizing the moment" and the views.  The view over the valley is beautiful.  We had been going through a trying time with a family member that last few months. It had all taken a toll on our emotions.  Your home allowed us the time to reconnect with each other and ourselves.  We "Carpe Diem"!  We love the time we spent together.  It was so peaceful here.  Thank you for all the details, special touches and notes.  It was wonderful.  We are looking forward to our next trip.  P.S, The bed was awesome.  Also now I know not to pack the house on my next visit.  Thanks so much for all the details.
Mitchell & Rosie
By the way the Black Pig was a great place to eat.

April 4-6 Secret Hideaway
Our 1st Second Honeymoon!  Loved the special glittered walls in the bathroom (look closely) Loved the swinging bed and waking up to the wall of windows.  And hot tubing and going to sleep with the twinkling trees!  We explored the clubhouse/office in the tees (LOL) Used it for deer watching .P.s.. We absolutely love love love the idea of a porch swing for 2 mounted from the bottom of the underside of the back porch .
Rusty & Dee

April 11th Garden Cottage
Once again we feel like we have a home in the Hill Country with family next door.  Weather its the Garden Cottage or the Hideaway, we love being here! Enjoyed Lobster and Ribeye on the grill while sipping a glass of wine and listening to our favorite music and enjoying the surroundings.  Always remember "Bloom Where You are Planted"
Les & Paula

April 3-10th Garden Cottage
Thanks again Linda & Jessie for a great spring break.  2 yrs in a row.  We'll be back!
Dolores & Gerry

March 31- April 4 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for providing this wonderful getaway.  It was so relaxing and just a perfect way for me and my wife to spend our 1 year anniversary.  Out little fur babies absolutely loved being here.  The home and landscape here is beautiful Thank you again!
Sean & Keri

March 31- April 2 Garden Cottage
We loved our stay here.  Such a nice place to decompress.  We enjoyed the quiet, the views and all the animal life.  And the fresh eggs were wonderful. Thanks for everything!
Susan & Mark

March 27-31
It was wonderful in the new cabin.  Sharon loves the way you have it set up.  She is already planning our next trip up here.
John & Sharon

 March 24-27 Garden Cottage
We absolutely loved everything about being here.  The everyday amenities to the fresh eggs. you guy thought of everything and more.  We hope it won't be too long before we get to come back.  Our dog, Mille, thoroughly enjoyed herself and had a great time interacting with the local animal population Again thank you for everything.  This place was great and we will be telling all of our friends about it!
April, Greg and Millie

March 19-20 Garden Cottage
What a perfect way to spend our 5th anniversary.  This cottage is absolutely adorable.  The plants are gorgeous, the hot tub and tinkle lights were so romantic and that bed was amazing.  Be sure to check out the Black Pig for burgers and desserts, just down the road.
Linda you make this surprise so perfect.  The flowers, the strawberries and the massage!  Thank you for everything!

March 17-20 Secret Hideaway
We haven't been away just the two of us since our honeymoon, so we knew a nice relaxing trip for our 10th anniversary was much needed.  Boy did we find it at the Hideaway!  Everything was so peaceful and comfortable, we never even felt like we had to leave just to get get out.  It was the perfect weekend!  Thank you so much for making it feel like home away from home.  Oh, and the dinner with Chef Edie as to die for!!! Until next time.
Julie & John

March 17-18 Garden Cottage
Can't think of a better place outside of Wyoming I would rather spend St. Patty's and my Birthday.  The Gardens are so beautiful and fragrant.  Full of bees hummingbirds.  Willie make several appearances and spent the night trimming beds.  The cupcakes and decorations were great.  Linda your attention to detail is noticeable and makes both of these places memorable experiences.  Great Job, We took some huevos;

Adios and Happy Trails
Patrick & Cindy, and Ronie Keefe

March 14-17 2016 Secret Hideaway
Dear Linda & Jessie
We absolutely loved the hideaway.  It is a lovely home and beautifully decorated.  Our daughter loved the uniqueness and comfort of the swinging bed.  Both she and Dad explored their artistic talent at the craft table.  This spring retreat was perfect for our little family to relax and reconnect.  Thanks for allowing us to bring our furry family member.
The Keefe's

March 14-16th Garden Cottage
We had the most relaxing time here! Thank you for all the wonderful details (bath colors, fresh eggs the light show) We hope to come back to the Hill country for more peace and quiet in the near future.
Jason & Sam
P.S,  We have never seen our little Scarlett (our little pup) smile like did here.

March 13 Garden Cottage
Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful home.  We loved spending our weekend relaxing outdoors and enjoying Texas in the spring.  We hope to come back someday.
Lauren & David

March 10-13 2016 Secret Hideaway
What a joy this place is.  Even with the rain this place caused us to slow down & relax.  Just what we needed.  We loved all the details of the cabin.  Such things like the lights outside at night - so cool!  Or the craft table - had to try my hand at some art work!  So glad we found this place it made our anniversary even more special!  And now that we've been recharged we can go back to our lies & little people & be clear minded & love better!  Thank you so much!
P.S. Chef Edie was awesome!  2 words - food coma
David & Niki

March 3-8 2016 Secret Hideaway
We love the Secret Hideaway!  All the touches you have are amazing, relaxing and peaceful.  This is our 4th time out here, first time here and everything you add keeps us coming back.  This place allows us the time we don't get in our everyday busy life.  I hope you know the serenity this place brings us.
Thank you for making this place our home away from home.
Bryan & Sylvia

March 8-11 Garden Cottage
Thank you so much for everything this week.  It has been the best birthday.  The cake was wonderful, the drinks were great and the decorations were really sweet.  It rained the entire time we were here so we weren't able to picnic (next time) We had such a relaxing time.  We will be back for sure and we have already told several people to come up here to get away.  We can't wait to come back and stay in the new cottage. Thank you thank you
Mike & Sara and Ozzy

March 6th Garden Cottage
Dear Linda & Jessie
The girls and I had an absolutley wonderful stay.  An experience we will always remember and cherish.  Girls were in heaven with the cats and each got to pet Hamburger.  Luke was also pleased to roam the grounds and play.  Thank you for offering such an awesome place to make memories.
Susan, Cate, Alex and Luke

Feb 28th Secret Hideaway
What an incredible weekend we've had!  This place is a paradise in the Hill Country.  Thank  you so much for your labors of love and the time and energy you both poured into this place.  We'll be returning to Waco, rested and ready to face the everyday challenges of raising kids.
A return trip will be in the making when time allows.
Blessings on your and your family P.S. 46:10
Jonathan & Charlotte

Feb 25-28 Garden Cottage
We had a wonderful time!  It was a much needed break from the hustle & bustle of our "Normal" life.  We are sad to leave.  Its a beautiful place & can't wait to come back and try the other cottage!
Joe & Whitney

Feb 20th Garden Cottage
Linda & Jessie
One of the earlier writings spike of the good "vibe" here.  It is absolutely true.  This space you have created is lovely relaxing peaceful.  We celebrates mark's 60th B/D here.  Great Dinner with Miss Edie from the Black Pig and the hot tub eye-catching light show are magical
Thank you
J & M Rogers

Feb 22 Secret Hideaway
Hey! Back again! Very next weekend. Couldn't stay away
We learned to not waste time in town.  Just bring food & enjoy our time together right here!
We will be back again & and again
Jessie and Linda you just part of the family now.  Home away from home.
Love the new mattress height!
Les & Paula - Carpe Diem!

Feb 18th Secret Hideaway
It has been a dream of mine to visit Fredericksburg for some time now.  When I mentioned coming to a make a visit finally we were on a mission to find the perfect place and boy did we hit the jackpot!  From the moment we opened the door and stepped in we were in in awe!  We have had so many moments just smiling and taking in our surroundings.  This place is magical and your can feel it all around you.  You guys have created the perfect magical place to escape.  We are already planning our second trip.  Thank you so much for taking the time to see to every detail and creating a little piece of heaven on earth!
See you real soon!
Tonya & Dree

Feb 15th Secret Hideaway
WoW! does not cover it.  We love the original cottage, but this is a complete different feel.  Wonderful, relaxing, prayerful, peaceful serenity.  You'll outdid yourselves with the special touches.  Everywhere you look, there is thoughtfulness.  Every comfortable detail.  We really felt like family when we show up.  Always attentive to our needs.  You know what it means to relax & supply the tools to do it.
We'll be back many times this year to enjoy our home away from home.  Thank y you pray that the lord blesses your efforts & we LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression Capre Diem - Live in the moment & no worries about the future for now!
Les & Paula

Feb 14 Secret Hideaway
Thank you for the lovely getaway!  Our Valentine's day was very relaxing and so much fun!  We have six children at home so coming to a quiet cottage to relax and just enjoy each other was exactly what we needed!
P.S. The tree lights are perfect!
thank you
Tad and Misty

Feb 13-15 Garden Cottage
Thank  you for a wonderful weekend!  It was great to get out of Austin and enjoy some peace and quiet
The cabin was great and had everything we could have wanted!
Megan & Ben

Feb 5th - 7th Secret Hideaway
When we found yalls Garden Cottage we thought we had found a "gem" of a B&B.  Little did we know the first time we came, you shared your vision of a new cottage, and your vision created the "Diamond" of B&B's.  What you'll have created is the most amazing place to relax and reconnect.  Ya'll out did yourselves this tie!  This is our 4th time to visit and we are already planning our 5th!  Every time we come we enjoy these 2 cottages even more!  Thank you again for everything and we can't wait to come back again.  Please leave the light on for us!
Ronnie & Karen

Feb 1 -2 -3 Secret Hideaway
Dear Linda & Jessie
We're not sure if we can actually express our gratitude for your kindness.  it was so overwhelming as soon as we walked in the door.  Our 1 night stay turned in a 3 night stay, and we still feel that there are things we missed seeing at this beautiful place.  Every corner I turned there was a new detail that made me feel the love you both have for this place, and for your guests.  We loved meeting you and your carrot cake (by far!) beats out any I've had before.  Thank you for reminding us to reach for our dreams The reminder could not have come at a better time for us.  We feel like you're family.  Even though words aren't enough.  Thank you with love
Carrie & Chad

Feb 2nd 2016 - Garden Cottage
Linda & Jessie's attention to detail and numerous caring touches have made this our favorite Hill Country Getaway in the 15th years we've been visiting this beautiful area.  Our poodle Xena appreciated the puppy treats and meeting the resident felines (Although Olive had to swat Xena once for getting too close LOL) 
Thank you for stocking the cabin with all the seasonings/cooking supplies and DVD's.  We enjoyed how much this felt like home - everything we needed for a delightful stay was already here.
The food at the Black Pig was delicious and highly recommended
Blessings Always
Kevin & Lorna

Jan 28-31 2016 Garden Cottage

Linda & Jessie
Thank you for an amazing weekend.  We truly enjoyed ourselves.  We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and everything was perfect.  We appreciate your hospitality.
God Bless
Jimmy & Julie
P.S. The kaleidoscope lights are awesome - we loved them!

Jan 21 2016 - Garden Cottage
Had a fabulous time - everything was perfect, we couldn't have asked for anything more.  We will definitely be back.
Take care

Jan 12 - 13 Secret Hideaway
What a wonderful experience Dottie and I had here.  The comfort and peace one feels here is overwhelming.  We will be coming back many times.  Thank you Linda & Jessie for your caring service
Rocky & Dottie

Jan 3, 4 & 5 2016 Secret Hideaway
We were so glad Linda allowed us to have the first stay in this beautiful cabin.  The small touches and the stocked kitchen were the added niceties.  We love it out here as do our big dogs
Thank you
Karen & David

Dec 30-Jan 4th 2016
As always a wonderful relaxing get away at your cabin.  You both are such wonderful people and great hosts.  We enjoy your cabin so much & as usual can't wait to come back again.
The Black-eyed Peas & cornbread were delicious for New Years.  Thank you both for all you do.  We love it here and hope to see you again soon.
Amanda & Kenneth


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